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Innovative Research on Management and Technology

The journal is dedicated to promoting research and advancing knowledge in management and technology.

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Innovative research to enhance your business and technology knowledge.

Research Excellence

Trust our research excellence to provide you with the latest breakthroughs and insights in management and technology. We have an exceptional editorial team and peer-review process to ensure high-quality research and analysis.

Impactful Studies

Explore impactful studies that are changing the way we think about management and technology. Our research is rooted in real-world issues and challenges, providing actionable insights for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Diverse Perspectives

Learn from diverse perspectives from our global community of scholars and practitioners. Our researchers come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives and insights to the table.


Sub-themes we cover

Sub-theme 01


Cutting-edge research on the latest developments in accounting theory and practice, presented in a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal.

Sub-theme 02

Business Administration

Gain valuable insights into modern organizational challenges with LOJMAT - the premier destination for business leaders and researchers alike.

Sub-theme 03


Access top-tier economic research and contribute to the advancement of the field with LOJMAT's peer-reviewed journal.

Sub-theme 04

Finance & Investments

Contribute to the advancement of the field of finance and investments with our rigorous and innovative publishing platform.

Sub-theme 05

Human Resources

Unlock the potential of your HR research with LOJMAT's peer-reviewed journal and reach a global audience of researchers and practitioners.

Sub-theme 06


Discover innovative marketing research and strategies from top scholars and practitioners with LOJMAT's cutting-edge content

Sub-theme 07

Operational Management

Join a community of scholars and practitioners in operational management and share your research with a global audience.

Sub-theme 08

Public Administration

Find new perspectives and approaches to public administration and policy challenges with LOJMAT's interdisciplinary and forward-thinking content.

Sub-theme 09

Business Technologies

Bridging the gap between technology and business: high-quality research in business technologies.


Learn about the journal

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The Lokoja Journal of Management and Technology (LOJMAT) is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on innovative research in the fields of management and technology. Our goal is to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share their insights and ideas on the latest developments in these fields. LOJMAT publishes original research articles, review articles, case studies, and book reviews. Our journal covers a wide range of sub-themes, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, public administration, and business technologies. With a commitment to high-quality and rigorous research, LOJMAT is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of management and technology, and providing valuable insights for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.


Leading Voices at LOJMAT

Dr. Salisu Ogbo Usman

Rector, Kogi State Polytechnic

Dr. Joel Akowe

Dean, School of Management Students, Kogi State Polytechnic

Adekunle C. Chukwuma

Scholar, Kogi State Polytechnic

John Doe

Scholar, National Open University

John Doe

Researcher, Scholar, Philosopher

John Doe

Researcher, Scholar, Philosopher


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